James explains his early return to Munich


The Colombia star decided to come back to Munich earlier as he thinks that getting ready for the upcoming Bundesliga match is more important than the friendly match of his national team against China.

James Rodriguez played as his side lost to South Korea 2-1 but he missed the next match against China which was far more successful as Colombia grabbed a 4-0 win. Jupp Heynckes has previously criticized Rodriguez’s busy international break and the player decided to impress the manager as he came back to the training centre earlier than expected to be fully ready.

He tried to explain himself as he said, according to Goal“It was an important issue. I thought about it for a long time. I thought it would be good to train with the entire group again. I decided this together with the Colombian coaching staff. They understood that I am currently experiencing a good spell here in Munich. It was clear to me that I should be in Munich training with all of my team-mates. Now we have a full week of training ahead and can prepare well. I believe I made the right decision.”

James also spoke about his current form and contribution for the team: “I think there is still a bit missing from my game but it’s true that I showed improving performances in the past games, probably because I’m playing regularly at the moment.  It’s evident I have more rhythm, more minutes and more time to play. It’s normal to perform better when you play more often.”

And in the end, he added that he can thank Heynckes for his improvement: “He is a coach with a great CV, he is very experienced and has been a part of the world football for many years. He knows how he wants to play football and he knows how everyone on the team plays. It’s obvious that he’s been in this business for a long time.”