Roberto Carlos on free-kicks


Real Madrid icon Roberto Carlos talked about free-kicks, who his mentor was and who the former defender’s top 3 free-kick takers are

Former Real Madrid and Brazil defender Roberto Carlos has named David Beckham, Diego Maradona and Zinedine Zidane as his top three best free-kick takers ever, describing Beckham’s technique as “phenomenal”.

The Brazilian legend played 4 seasons with Beckham and won a La Liga title and one Spanish Super Cup together.

While both of them are remembered as one of the best ever set-piece takers in world football, Roberto Carlos now claimed Beckham is one of the bests he has ever seen.

“At Madrid with Beckham and Zizou, Roni, Ronaldo would also come, but he’s never scored one goal against me in his life so we got rid of him,” Roberto Carlos said, speaking at Betsafe Star Sixes 2017.

“The top three are Beckham, Zidane & Diego Maradona,” the defender revealed.

When asked about how or from who he learned to take a free-kick like he used to, he replied: “I didn’t study any of them, but I played many years with Branco, and yes I do think Branco was my teacher.”

“He taught me how to position myself, where to put the ball, where to aim for, how to keep the quality in the kick and so that’s why I think Branco was my teacher,” Roberto Carlos added.

“But of course, I saw Maradona take free-kicks, and Beckham he’s phenomenal at free-kicks and Zizou with his elegance in taking free-kicks.”

When asked about the secret, the Brazilian said he believes success depends on preparation.

“The secret is to train. Train every day, half an hour, 40 minutes, not too much or your legs will start to feel heavy, but you should train to kick the ball in all directions and this requires training every day.”