Hodgson: “Rooney’s international retirement surprised me”


Roy Hodgson and his Crystal Palace are about to face Everton and the former England captain, Wayne Rooney – as Hodgson used to coach him, he is surprised that his former player doesn’t want to gain a spot in the World Cup 2018 squad.

The former coach of the national team of England spoke about the player that used to lead his team as a captain – and he was surprised when Rooney decided not to fight for a World Cup nomination. Under Hodgson, Rooney became his country’s record goalscorer and most-capped outfield player – but after Hodgson’s resignation, Rooney also announced that he will not continue in the national team of his country.

The experienced Englishman spoke about his surprise and Rooney’s decision as he said, according to Sky Sports“I thought he would try and continue to get to the next World Cup. I was a little surprised when he retired. I spoke to him then: we texted. These are decisions players have to make. I’m not a party to all those facts and considerations he’s thought about. But one thing I do know is England owes him – he owes England nothing – because he gave his all for England and did more than his fair share of what someone could expect for England.”

But he insisted that Rooney had a good reason for that decision, for sure: “When the day comes when he says he wants to retire, even if it surprises a guy like me because I know how passionate he is about playing for England, I am very sure he’s had good reasons for coming to that decision.”

Roy Hodgson still appreciates what Rooney did for him when he was in charge of the national team: “I don’t keep in contact with players all the time – I’ve got enough players here to deal with – but I like to think those players I worked with know that I still care about them and still appreciate what they did for me in my England time.”