Moyes doesn’t want to hear any excuses


The new West Ham United coach, David Moyes, has warned his players that he doesn’t want to hear any more excuses and he also mentioned that he is not planning to make any shortcuts in the squad right now.

Slaven Bilić was sacked during the international break and the new coach has had enough time to prepare his side properly for the upcoming match against Watford which is going to be his first one in charge. The Hammers are currently placed in the relegation zone and the Scot knows that he has to turn it around as soon as possible to avoid the raising pressure.

The former coach of Everton or Manchester United spoke about his expectations as he said, according to Sky Sports“I don’t want to hear any excuses. There are no shortcuts now. It’s been documented that we have not done well on a lot of physical stats so I don’t want to hear excuses of ‘why I didn’t do this or why this didn’t happen’. Just get on and do the job and be a little more humble for your team-mates. Make sure you are part of the team and not an individual.”

Moyes’ coaching staff includes Alan Irvine and Billy McKinlay, as well as former West Ham and England defender Stuart Pearce and he, explained it: “When West Ham said to me who is in my staff I thought ‘I wonder about Stuart Pearce’. I think his motivation and the way he goes about things, we need that. Alan and Billy, I know really well, Stuart is new to me but he gives me a connection with West Ham and his experience as a player and manager is really important to me as well.”

He also mentioned that the need for a good result is quite urgent: “I need to get wins early doors. Alan is a really good coach and a fantastic organiser and planner and I want Stuart’s determination and commitment and up-and-at-them right away because we are in a bit of a hurry.”