Boateng demands more action towards racism


The former AC Milan player has called upon authorities to do more to combat racism.

Kevin-Prince Boateng has shared his opinion regarding the need for football governing bodies to do more in order to stop racism.

The midfielder has been a supporter of the anti-racism groups throughout his career, even hitting the headlines in 2013 when he walked off the pitch after being subjected to racism chants by Pro Patria supporters.

“It’s not enough to show a ‘no to racism’ video before Champions League matches, and it’s not enough to wear a t-shirt with ‘no racism’ on and off, or ‘we show racism the red card’,” he told Suddeutsche Zeitung‘s ‘Jetzt’ magazine.

“If somebody calls me ‘f****** black’, that’s not allowed, that’s racism, but it’s still happened to me that opponents called me that.”

Speaking about his encounters with racism earlier in his career, Boateng added: “You know very well that they want to hurt a seven- or eight-year-old boy at this very moment, and when I was young I always tried to suppress it.”