Real Madrid: Plans for January

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Despite their plans of not signing anyone in the winter, Real Madrid have to alter their plans now, as Zinedine Zidane admits he is not happy with Madrid’s performances

According to MARCA, the option for Real Madrid to purchase new players in the first month of 2018 exists, but as long as a series of conditions are met.

Head coach Zinedine Zidane and board members of the club are reportedly not satisfied with how Los Blancos have been performing this season.

They all agree on the fact that Madrid can and need to improve and now it seems like they’re even considering new signings to solve the problem.

Zidane has claimed previously that he doesn’t want anyone to leave, but it’s possible there will be new arrivals.

These arrivals could include players such as Borja Mayoral or Marcos Llorente.

Despite trying to retain the chemistry among players, Zidane is considering signing someone for a few positions that are causing troubles, such as the goalkeeper, centre-backs and forward line.

In the case of the first, the health of Keylor Navas will ensure the advance of a signing that was surely going to be made next summer, MARCA understands.

Many suggest it’s a priority for Zidane’s side and they are already working on finding the best solution.

According to the Spanish newspaper, Zidane believes they need to reinforce the centre-back position soon, as it’s a crucial problem.

When it comes to strikers, the whole thing gets a little more complicated, as both Harry Kane and Mauro Icardi has been linked with the Spanish club giants.

Despite not being able to use Icardi in the winter, if Real decides to go for him the Argentine can still play in the next round of the Champions League, which is going to be a crucial one for Los Blancos.

One thing’s for sure: Real Madrid can’t finish the season as they have started it, they need to be in the race for multiple trophies.