Messi’s son is not into football


Despite what you would might expect, not everyone in the family of Lionel Messi is into football, as the Barcelona star claims his son Thiago isn’t as obsessed, as Luis Suarez’s child

Lionel Messi says his two sons could not have more different personalities, describing his youngest Mateo as “terrible” while the older Thiago is not as football-obsessed as his friend Benjamin Suarez, son of Messi Sr.’s Barcelona teammate, Luis, ESPN understands.

The five-time Ballon d’Or winner Argentina captain devotes all his free-time to his family, and now he has talked about how different his two sons are. Messi said in an interview with Argentine TV network TYC Sports, two-year-old Mateo is terrible, while five-year-old Thiago is a phenomenon.

“Mateo… terrible. Mateo is a character. They’re very different. Thiago is a phenomenon, really good. And the other, the exact opposite: a son of a b—-. Mateo is terrible. It’s really good seeing how different they are. Mateo does play a bit of football, right-footed. He’s more coordinated. He hits it well. But, he’s small,” the 30-year-old Messi explained jokingly.

While one of his sons doesn’t seem to care too much about the game in which his dad is a sensational superstar, Messi says his team-mate Luis Suarez has an obsessed son.

“Thiago’s friend is Luis’s son, Benja. They are the same age and he [Benja] is football crazy. He loves to play football, he watches football, he knows all the players. And Thiago no, he likes cars, he likes motorcycles, he plays other things. He likes football, but just a bit. He plays a bit, and he gets tired,” the Argentine added.

Whether Mateo, or Thiago (which would be a bigger surprise) turns out to be a talented young athlete just like their dad, we shall see over the next decade, or so.