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Courtois would like to solve the contract situation


The Chelsea keeper, Thibaut Courtois, insisted that he wants to solve his future before the end of the ongoing season and he said that he will “consider every option” which means that anything hasn’t been decided yet.

The Belgium international’s contract with Chelsea is about to be expired in 18 months and Real Madrid have been said to be heavily interested in bringing the player back to Spain. Courtois himself admitted that he is happy in London but his girlfriend told him that she would love to move back to Spain as her partner used to play for Atletico Madrid when being loaned from Chelsea.

He spoke about his situation as he said that nothing is clear, according to Sky Sports“It [my private situation] is not always easy. But I’d also seen this coming. I knew that she [his former girlfriend] would return to Madrid, so that has its influence too. I love my children to death. When you miss them, you are sometimes wondering ‘shouldn’t I play in Spain in the next few years’? That’s why I want to take my time to make a decision on that contract extension.”

The Belgian keeper continued by adding: “My private situation is always gnawing a little bit, but for the rest, I’m feeling very good at Chelsea. I don’t see any reason why I won’t sign a new deal. I just want to consider all options. Everything has to be right.”

In the end, Courtois claimed that it would be the best to sit with everybody involved and discuss it properly: “It’s not the right moment to make hastily decisions. Not for Chelsea, not for me. Within a couple of months, we will sit around the table again and talk openly. There’s no pressure, apart from the media. The club knows that too. Basically, I want an agreement before the end of the season.”