Wilkins: “City can celebrate as much as they want to”


Manchester City have got every right to enjoy their celebrations after a huge 2-1 win in the derby match against Manchester United – and the former United player, Ray Wilkins, defended Guardiola’s side behaviour.

It is said that there were a couple of problems after the match as Mourinho was frustrated with the way City celebrated their victory but Ray Wilkins insisted that there is absolutely nothing wrong about it. It understandable that the Citizens wanted to enjoy themselves after an almost perfect performance and a very important result in the title race against their second-placed rival.

Wilkins spoke about this situation as he defended City by saying, according to Sky Sports“When you think Manchester City have just had a magnificent result and played so well, they’ve got to enjoy themselves, haven’t they. That’s what football is all about, enjoyment. You enjoy yourself on the pitch and in victory, and you’re very glum in defeat. That’s the way football is so I have no problem with that. The game is finished let them do what they wish.”

He continued by adding that United seemed a bit frustrated: “Do it wherever, on the pitch, coming off the pitch. The game was so massive. For them to go and beat Man United and in the manner in which they did, end up 11 points clear, that was a huge result. It was compounded by the fact Manchester United have his this row with City because they’re so far behind.”

The former Manchester City player, Joleon Lescott, also defended his former side: “It was a derby game, they’ve had a lot of defeats there so they’re allowed to enjoy it. They’ve set a record of 14 consecutive wins there which is unheard of so they may have been celebrating that alone. You always feel disrespected as an opponent, but that’s the nature of the beast.”