Dyche admitted that he is a fan of 1-0 result


Sean Dyche, the Burnley manager, insisted that every manager loves 1-0 wins as it shows that the team were prepared very well defensively and they were determined enough to score the winning goal.

The Clarets managed to win nine matches in this Premier League season so far and six of them ended 1-0 – so it can no longer be considered as some kind of coincidence. Burnley are now the team with the lowest amount of goals scored in the top 10 but Sean Dyche said that he cares about the points and his team’s position shows that this system works pretty well.

The talented coach spoke about his attitude towards this result as he said, according to Sky Sports: “I love the 1-0s. Fans don’t like them but trust me, every manager does. Brian Clough used to love a 1-0, and there was a genius, and he used to tell the players. Clean sheet, score a goal – 1-0 or 100-0, the idea is to win. So if you can win, that’s the marker. If you can score more, brilliant.”

He continued by adding that it’s not an easy job to achieve this result: “This is not an easy business. Playing in the Premier League, to try to keep clean sheets and win games and score goals, it’s very, very difficult. If you look at the scoring stats, apart from the real superpowers, not many teams find it easy to score goals.”

In the end, Sean Dyche insisted that he has to prepare his players to win tight: “We’re not making out that we’re going to score five a game. We’re saying, ‘All right, we might be in these games that are tight’ and ‘Can we get on the right side of those tight margins?’ You take them as they come and you take the results. We know what we are.”