Hughes spoke about undeserved loss


Mark Hughes, the Stoke City coach, thinks that his side’s latest loss was very undeserved as Stoke City were beaten by Burnley away from home with a late goal scored by the home side.

It all looked like a deserved draw but Ashley Barnes scored the late winner for Burnley in the 88th minute and all three points stayed at Turf Moor. It was a fourth defeat from Stoke City’s last five matches and it’s obvious that Mark Hughes was disappointed – to be added, Stoke City deserved to gain at least a point from this match but football is about goals and they didn’t score any.

The experienced Welsh coach spoke about this match as he said, according to Sky Sports“Clearly it wasn’t the result we wanted and it wasn’t the result we deserved in all honesty. We restricted them to very few opportunities, I think their goal was the one clear shot we let them have the whole game. I thought our guys were magnificent in terms of standing up to the challenge.”

He continued by evaluating the match further on: “You know what you face here. It’s not going to be clever football, it’s not going to test you with clever movements and patterns, it’s just challenging for long balls and you’ve got to be up for that. Unfortunately, we lost Kurt Zouma and I think that obviously, that diminished our ability to compete for the balls in the air.”

In the end, Mark Hughes insisted that Burnley were more lucky in the final minutes: “In the end, they’ve got a little bit of fortunate, it seems to be shining on them at the moment, and that’s all they need. The lad [Barnes] put a good strike on it and that’s won the game for them but please don’t tell me that anyone thinks they deserved to win that because they didn’t.”