Barcelona v Athletic Club - La Liga

Messi might actually lead Barca for the treble-treble


Following his brilliant goal against Athletico Madrid, he is indeed in his best shape ever. Could he lead his team and fulfil Valverde’s treble-treble dream and if not, is there anyone that might stop them at all?

Talk of a treble-treble in Catalonia is considered pretty much a part of everyday life, especially ahead of the beginning of each season. The far-fetched accomplishment, which only a really small number of teams have been able to achieve, not to forget that Barcelona have done so twice, is not that far-fetched anymore. Once Pep Guardiola helped the Catalonians do it back in 2008/09 and once it was Luis Enrique in the 2014/15 season.

Valverde has not really disclosed that this is his main goal, however he shared that the talk is either for wins or trebles back when asked for it in September.

“To be honest, I’ll be happy just winning tomorrow,” he said ahead of a Champions League clash against Sporting CP in September, according to Goal. “I don’t look any further than that. We don’t seem to just talk about winning one trophy anymore, it’s now trebles and sextets.”

Barca are currently on track and the road is clear to pretty much any of the trophies. Wil they really be able to do it, will they have the stamina and nerves it takes?  Only time will tell.