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3 football betting strategies killing it in 2021

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The pandemic has changed everything in life, the betting world included.

If you are a betting enthusiast tired of experiencing altered wins after throwing stupidly sized accumulators, do not give up yet. Betting is still a lucrative market with the industry being worth over 200 billion as per recent statistics. The world of football constantly changes, and with the changes arise new betting tricks and tips. You do not have to keep on haemorrhaging your money away. Follow the betting strategies explained below and turn to profits.

1. Arbitrage betting

You might have heard of arbitrage betting before and doubted its capability, but have you tried to judge from your experience? With arbitrage betting, you will be turning to profits in no time.

The focus of arbitrage betting is to exploit how odds are varying across different bookmakers. Different bookmakers have different approaches to setting odds for an event.

By looking at different bookmarkers, you are bound to find games whose outcomes are placed in a manner that you expect to profit. With such games, you will end up with a profit regardless of who wins the game. According to Non-Gamstop Casinos UK, the method has high efficiency.

2. Kelly criterion method

This method is widely used in the investment world especially since the early 2000s. Who said football could not adopt a strategy that profits the financial world? The method is among the few that help you gain sustainable profit, even if its mastery requires patience.

The main components of the method are bankroll management and probability. You can tell you need to know a few things about mathematics to apply the method effectively by the two components.

The ‘Mathematics’ part might be a turn-off for many, but you can apply it in any event once you master the concept. To start with, you need to know the match you need to bet on. Then, find the odds, which a bookmarker will give you. The last but more intricate part is working out the probability.

The first value tells you whether or not to bet on the event, while the second tells you how much money you should stake. The third, and final value, means how much cash you can stake in the match.

3. Matched betting

You might be aware that bookmarkers advertise very many free bet offers. Matched betting will only help if you have a free bet. It would be best to sign up to a bookmarker and find the free bets if you are looking for one.

You will then have to find a suitable event which you will wager on. Afterward, use your free bet to back a winner as you utilize a betting exchange website and ‘lay’ against the team you have supported.

A lay bet is like saying you do not think a team will win, and you cover a draw and a loss. You will have covered three outcomes by doing this.

As you do this, you have to calculate the amount to lay and your amount at risk. The amount at risk needs to be higher than the stake since it should cover potential losses.

The three football betting strategies

Football betting is a common topic of discussion amongst football fans. There are betting strategies which were passed by time, and they have to pave the way for new ones. Some of the magnificent football betting strategies which are trending in 2021 are listed above.