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3 players Liverpool should sign in the summer transfer window

Jurgen Klopp
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Liverpool are the champions of England but their current squad does not need first team reinforcements but quality squad depth.

The wait is over for Liverpool. The 30-year hex has been broken. They are finally the champions of England and have their first Premier League trophy.

Jurgen Klopp and Fenway Sports Group’s management has done the trick. The manager has delivered on the pitch while away from it, FSG have worked their magic.

It is their synergy that has brough unprecedented success at Anfield, bringing Liverpool back to the forefront of Premier League glory.

Given their success, every top player has been linked with them. Kylian Mbappe wanted to come, so did Timo Werner. But the idea at Merseyside is that they have a good enough first team squad and only need to supplement them on the bench.

Here are 3 players Liverpool should sign this transfer window.