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3 Players ruined by Barcelona last year alone

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With incoherent transfer market indulgences, Barcelona have stockpiled on global talents only to rot away in their dressing room.

A couple of good seasons, you are of decent age and Europe’s biggest clubs want your signature. A player’s path can be shortened with performances in international tournaments and exceptional numbers in their respective domestic competition.

For every Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid, there is a James Rodriguez as a measure for cautionary tales. While Los Blancos are famed for destroying the careers of their recruits, Barcelona are not far behind.

Especially with their recent focus on relying in the transfer market rather than La Masia. The Catalans have matched their rivals from Madrid with every pound if not out spent them. The result is not an easy sighting.

Camp Nou’s dressing room is full of players unwanted at Catalonia but the sporting department cannot get rid of. Here is a list of players who will join the already bloated transfer list in the next season or two.