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3 reasons why Atletico Madrid are so resolute

Atletico Madrid
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Atletico Madrid are probably the toughest team to secure a win against and Barcelona learnt it last night at the Camp Nou.

Diego Simeone has changed the fate of Atletico Madrid. El Cholo has made his team a fearful entity.

No one wants to travel to Wanda Metropolitano Stadium and no one wants its residents visiting them. It makes you think what is the reason.

Simply put, Atletico Madrid are a difficult side to play. They do not concede and if they do, they have enough firepower to equalize. But that is not it. It is a simplification of minute details that transpire on a football pitch.

Los Rojiblancos squeeze energy out of the opposition like a Boa constrictor. You cannot play the way you want to as they close down and run on the counter.

Liverpool learnt it before footballing activities were halted due to coronavirus and Barcelona learnt it on Tuesday night.

We look into why Atletico Madrid are so resolute and here are three explanations for their brilliance.