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4 Realistic transfer destinations for Barcelona outcasts

Antoine Griezmann, Barcelona
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The Catalan club have a lot of deadweight in their dressing room and need to shed it in this coronavirus pandemic crazed football world.

It is not easy to get the job offer that you have always dreamed of. With a handful of top European clubs, that task becomes more difficult.

And if you want to join Barcelona, the odds are stacked against you. First comes fitting in the club’s philosophy, then the coach’s plans and after than comes your match against La Masia players.

It is a grueling routine and only the best make the cut. Those that do, they want to prove their worth and want their chances.

But there are only 38 games in a season and patience of Blaugrana runs extremely low. There are a handful players in the current roster who would attest to this.

The only card such players can play is to move away. Here are five destinations for some of Barcelona outcasts.