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4 sports betting trends to watch out for in 2021 and beyond

sports betting
sports betting

According to data by statista.com, the sports betting global industry reached a $203 billion market size in 2020. With such a market size, the current prediction is that the sports betting industry is something to watch out for. 

We can all agree that 2020 was a rough year for the sporting industry. At no one point did anyone predict the kind of issues we faced. The pandemic hard hit every sector, but the sporting industry faced quite a bumpy patch. Even so, the same pandemic that utterly disrupted the industry is undoubtedly the same one shaping the trends in 2021 and beyond.  

eSports gaming will continue to grow

eSporting rose in popularity during the lockdowns to relieve stress and boredom after sporting events cancellation across the globe. Not many people were aware or interested in it before the pandemic. Many gamblers who in the past never used to bet on esports have now embraced it. The global eSport market is growing. Gamers are using their skills to bet in live matches with other players online. The younger generation of gamers between 18 and 25 years are said to watch 34% more eSports than conventional sports.

Crypto-based betting

With the rise of the popularity of cryptocurrencies, the betting industry has also welcomed the trend in open arms. The advantage this will have to the casinos and gamblers is the availability of easy and flexible payment methods. Crypto and bitcoin gambling is not only a secure way to transact; it is fast and anonymous. With these qualities, the trend will linger beyond 2021.

Last-minute betting

Not everyone has the capability and the time to analyze games beforehand and place winning bets. Many newbies use last-minute betting to place bets only when there is a likelihood of the game’s status remaining the same. When you are unsure about a bet, this trend may be for you.  It also enables gamers to place bets easily from a computer or mobile device. Because it does not involve a lot of risk, it’s catching up as a popular trend.

Player tracking is emerging

Player tracking may not be as huge as esports and crypto betting, but it is also a trend to watch.  Technology has enabled people to be able to track the fitness of players in real-time. The idea behind the trend is that a gamer’s ability to access real-time information of a player’s health and fitness will enable them to make an informed decision in a bet.

With sports betters always looking for new ways to make more accurate predictions, this trend offers an excellent analytical tool to make more accurate bets.


There is a rise in the legalization of eSport betting across many countries in the world. It is a rush by economies to cut down the economic effect that the covid-19 pandemic brought. 2021 will see a rise in many sports betting and gambling sites and businesses. 

The sporting world is now more digital than ever, with fans attending sporting events from their homes’ comfort through virtual attendance. The emergence of the 5G internet is also bound to influence online sporting, especially in live sports gaming. Gaming companies will keep innovating ways to keep gamers captivated.