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5 career options for Cristiano Ronaldo after football

Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus
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What will Cristiano Ronaldo do once he hangs up his boots? Find out here as we go through his 5 post-football career options.

The day Cristiano Ronaldo finally retires will be a very sad one for the entire football world. Will there be anyone like him again? Probably not in our lifetimes, anyway.

Although the 35-year-old has reiterated plans to continue his playing career for a while longer. He has even suggested that we could still see him out on the pitch into his 40s, which would be incredible.

It won’t be easy, but that’s exactly the challenge that Ronaldo relishes.

The Juventus superstar is also in top physical condition, having spent countless hours working hard in that area. It’s enabled him to stay on top of his game.

Like every other legend, though, Ronaldo will have to hang up the boots someday whether or not we like it. But what he will do afterwards remains uncertain for most supporters.

So here we give you the five possible options Ronaldo may take up in his post-football career.