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5 football stars who absolutely idolize Cristiano Ronaldo

"Dani Alves & Cristiano Ronaldo" by Nathan Congleton is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

The name Cristiano Ronaldo would definitely be included in discussions of the GOATs (Greatest of All Times). From his early days in Lisbon to his show-stopping performances at Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Juventus, we all know he is a goal machine.

His performances and athleticism are off the hook, and when he scores, his name sings high. So when you hear the scream of “Siuuuuuu,” you know Ronaldo has taken you a step closer to winning your betting odds if you wager on him or his teams.

As always, many younger footballers tend to model their games on the best names in the game. So, which football stars have always idolized the incredible “CR7”? Here’s a list of top stars who call the Portuguese superstar their “idolo.”

When the pacy winger joined United from Ajax, his dream came true as he played alongside his idol at Old Trafford. Many followers of Ronaldo only get to witness his aura from afar, but Antony got to play with the maverick, and the players created some exciting moments together.

From idolizing to joining him to give us another legendary celebration, “peace from within,” the Brazilian forward would never forget that moment.

Vinicius Jr.
Vinicius Jr, who plays for Real Madrid, is another fanboy of Cristiano and always lets the world know. The Brazilian forward had always been an avid supporter of Ronaldo from an early age, and now he has modeled his playing style to be similar.

Vinicius often took to the internet to proclaim the supremacy of CR7, and one time called him “Numero 1” in a tweet.

Gabriel Martinelli
The Arsenal man has come to the Premier League to make waves and isn’t stopping anytime soon. With Arsenal currently in a great position, Martinelli is having the time of his life.

However, when asked about his idol, he had no other name to mention but Cristiano Ronaldo. He said the man inspires him and mentions his exploits as a boost.

Marcus Rashford
When the Englishman was in the youth ranks at Manchester United, his love for Ronaldo grew as he dreamed of being like him. Yes, Ronaldo’s legacy is one to match, but Rashford has also made a name for himself among the United faithful. His blazing pace and clinical finishing are traits that are comparable between both forwards, and we look forward to seeing what more the United forward has in stock.

Kylian Mbappe
French golden boy and World Cup winner, Kylian Mbappe is one of the most talented footballers out there. Mbappe has made a name for himself as a super fast and clinical winger who can cause every defense some harm. This young Frenchman has been a menace to European defenders, and his motivation came from no other than Ronaldo.

As a fan from when he was little, Mbappe has always idolized Ronaldo, and he doesn’t hide it. Just like his idol, the Parisian is usually an excellent pick for those who engage in soccer betting, and he never fails to deliver for his team and bettors, making him one of the very best of the moment.

Only a few athletes have achieved legendary status, and Cristiano Ronaldo is one. His legacy and career have been a source of motivation for those coming after him. The top football stars in this list have absolutely idolized and picked up great qualities from him. We believe he will be proud of them too.