Time to talk about the 5 things we all learned from the UEFA Champions League final between Liverpool FC and Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday.

The UEFA Champions League final between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur finally happened, we need to talk about the 5 things we learned from it.

The Reds were the absolute champions of this competition after a mildly dull game, but it picked up some steam during the second half.

There were several talking points that are worth mentioning but only five of them that should make this list.

Mohamed Salah, Liverpool, Premier League

Liverpool fans in shambles after their superstar appears to be injured

The big win last Sunday marked Liverpool's domestic domination this season. However, not everything is perfect for the Reds in the aftermath of the event.

We will give an honorary mention to the female streaker who helped the fans be amused for a small moment during the first half.

We can also mention Divock Origi’s winning goal, or the penalty that was hard to call, and also the tears from all the players after the match.

However, there were another five specific details about this final that we need to talk about. Feel free to discuss them further in the comment section down below.


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