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5 times Liverpool got lucky in the Premier League

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Is Liverpool’s dominance luck or pure skill? Check it out as we give you FIVE times the Reds got lucky in this season’s Premier League.

The stats sum up Liverpool’s climb up to the top of the Premier League with 26 wins, 1 draw and no defeats in 27 games. 64 goals have gone their way, while they’ve only conceded 17 times. An incredible achievement anyone would be proud of.

There are even suggestions floating about claiming the Reds are better than Arsenal’s legendary ‘Invincibles’. Whether that’s true is debatable, with most people only comparing them stats-wise. So it’s not really a fair or accurate comparison for either team given the different eras.

That takes nothing away from Liverpool’s record this season, though. The stats back it up, no arguments. But even the greatest teams need luck, and Jurgen Klopp’s side are no exception.

So here we give you the five times luck swung things back into Liverpool’s favour in the Premier League.