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6 incredible reasons why the Vietnamese love Ronaldo

Credit: Man United official Twitter
Credit: Man United official Twitter

Whether you’re a football fan or not, you’ll have to admit that you’re at least familiar with the name Ronaldo – Cristiano Ronaldo.

For sports betting sites like THABET, a lot of players have mad love for CR7. Perhaps you follow him closely while enjoying the superb antics he keeps pulling on the pitch every other match day. Or maybe, you’ve engaged in conversations about him or simply overheard one.

Cristiano Ronaldo has created a legacy in the football world. He’s broken countless long-standing records and has won almost every accolade for a top footballer. But far from his achievements, he’s displayed his incredible attitude and personality, which has endeared him among the Vietnamese. He’s incredibly hardworking and overly ambitious, and besides, he shows concern with people and displays a resistible character. Here are the reasons why the Vietnamese love Ronaldo.

Credits: Thabet

1. He’s hardworking

Most Vietnamese can relate to the hard work Ronaldo puts on the pitch. It’s downright terrific how he commands the field and gets sleek with the ball. But the waters run more profound than what meets the eye and include the utter sacrifice and dedication in training. Being a country torn apart by war in the 60s, Vietnam has duly recovered and is projecting fast towards being a prosperous country. That, though, doesn’t come easy. The level of hard work the Vietnamese put in everything they do resonates with Ronaldo’s aura, offering them a perspective to relate to.

2. He cares about the less fortunate

Ronaldo loves offering a hand to the less fortunate. And since that same character is definitive to most Vietnamese, it makes them the birds that flock together. He serves as an ambassador for “Save the Children international” – a non-profit NGO saving children from unprecedented emergencies. Besides, he works closely with UNICEF and the world vision, contributing tremendous support. He isn’t seen as the savior for those reasons, but his approach to making the world better makes him the most adored by the Vietnamese.

3. He’s easy with people

One remarkable thing with Ronaldo is that he can get overly casual with people and has a likable character that most find easy to be around. Besides, his ability to control interactive situations without overdoing things to sound rude or proud makes him an incredible man to get casual with. He can tease people around him with a wide grin, and he remarkably invites light moments. He lets his fans interact with him while signing autographs and taking snapshots.

Credits: Thabet

4. He’s altruistic 

It would be pretty ironic to assume that Ronaldo could need help of any kind. Well, if monetary, then thanks, he’s okay. But, morally and physically, Ronaldo puts others first even if he needs it. He’s mostly the first to come to help an injured opponent, even if his team is losing. He practically offers help if the other person needs it wholeheartedly – a typical character that resonates with the Vietnamese.

5. He communicates his emotions and makes his feelings clear

If you’re a Ronaldo’s lifelong fan, you’d know that he never suppresses his feelings. He’s always clear with what he wants and will show emotions as a situation compels him. If you disappoint him or feel that you haven’t done something right, he’ll disapprove of you instantly. Take, for instance, this incident when a Japanese boy had to walk through hell to communicate to him in Portuguese. When the crowd started laughing at the poor boy, Ronaldo came to his aid and defended him, saying, “at least, he’s trying. Please show him some respect.” That goes a long into showing how much tolerance he’d have for a mistake and never shuns showing his emotions.

6. He’s motivating and inspiring

It wouldn’t take you much time to decipher how resilient hard work has made Ronaldo the terrific player he is today – if you had a few hours being around him. His focus and determination show everywhere, from how he trains to what he eats. That’s what differentiates him from the rest of the people in his career. The Vietnamese people find incredible inspiration from his life, and that’s the good reason they love him.


There’s a good reason why Ronaldo is the most loved footballer on the planet. His incredible passion for what he does and the likeable character he displays all make him the most adored by the Vietnamese. Mostly, it’s more of what they learn than see, and it includes the inspiration he gives. Besides, he’s had a lustrous career that makes him the most loved athlete in the country.