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7 factors to consider when choosing an online bookmaker

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There are two main reasons why most people participate in betting.

First, we participate in it because we find it fun, exciting, and entertaining. The other reason is that we can earn or gain profit out of it if we place our bets right. Participating in any betting activity involves depositing money to a bookmaker. Thus, we have to choose the bookmaker carefully.

In Europe, numerous bookmakers offer online platforms for betting. Most of them are trustworthy and already have an established reputation in the industry. Still, we have to run a background check on each of them, especially on the one you choose to participate in. When choosing which bookmaker to trust for sports betting, consider checking these factors to ensure that you are choosing and putting your trust and money in the right one:


Before you register with a particular bookmaker and deposit a considerable amount of cash, you must first research that bookmaker. It is essential to check its reputation in the industry. It would be best to remember that the best bookmakers always come with good reviews. Thus, it is recommended to look and read for some reviews and comments about the bookmaker you are about to choose.


Since participating in betting and gambling involves money transactions and submission of personal information, you must ensure that the bookmaker you choose to participate in has operating licenses, approved and issued by official gambling regulators. In that way, you will have someone you can send your complaints to when a problem of fraud arises between you and your chosen bookmaker.

In Europe, most bookmakers are approved by the UK Gambling Commission, which is an executive non-departmental public agency of the Government of the United Kingdom that regulates the gambling, betting, and gaming law in Great Britain. According to the UK Gambling Commission, a bookmaker must have some or all of these licenses:

  1. Operating License
  2. Personal Functional License
  3. Personal Management License
  4. Premises License

Deposit And Withdrawal Methods

When you sign up to a bookmaker and participate in online sports betting, you will be required to submit your financial information about what means or method you want to deposit and withdraw your cash when you win a bet.

Some bookmakers only use credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers in their transactions, while some offer other contemporary payment methods, such as Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard, and PayPal. When choosing a bookmaker, make sure that you go for one that offers a convenient payment method for you.

Website Accessibility And Responsiveness

As the betting takes place online using only your mobile device and internet connection, make sure that the online bookmaker you are about to choose has a web page or app that is both accessible and responsive. You don’t want to play on a platform that would suddenly stop working while navigating on it.

Promotions And Bonuses

Before you register on a particular bookmaker, it is recommended to compare all the promotions and bonuses that each bookmaker offers to know which one has the best you can enjoy. If you find a bookmaker that offers Money Back Specials, Multiple Insurance, Price Boosts, Loyalty Programmes, and many others, it could be the best one for you.

Products And Services Offered

You know precisely what sports game you want to place your bets on, so do not waste time signing up to a bookmaker that has limited coverage on sports and league. Go for the one that has an extended range of betting products and services. Before you register, it is recommended to explore their website to know the list of sports betting services they offer.

Customer Support

There will always be a point where you will be interacting with your chosen bookmaker’s customer support to clear things up. So, you must ensure that the bookmaker you are about to sign up with has friendly, approachable, and responsive customer support.


You must be choosy when looking for an online bookmaker to ensure that you and all the information you disclose are safe. The factors mentioned above are only a few among the long list of things you must consider when choosing an online bookmaker. Make sure that you check each of them so that you are legally safe when betting.