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7 overpaid players of the Premier League this season

Overpaid Sakho Mustafi Wilshere

Some professional players get astronomical sums belying their quality and output, this list covers the ten footballers that do not merit their salaries.

The Premier League is the preferred destiny for players. For sporting and financial reasons. The most valuable football league in the world is incomparable when considering what it pays to its players.

Just like not all players are equal, not everyone is paid fairly in the Premier League. Some players deserve more, some do not justify even a quarter of what is deposited in their bank accounts weekly.

You have to get out on the pitch and at least try. Show you are worth your salt on the training pitch. If you are allowing pretenders take your first team berth, you are not worth the money paid to you.

Considering their output on the pitch and economical value, here is the list of top 7overpaid players in English top flight football.