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‘90%’ of referees favour Real Madrid over Barcelona’

Real Madrid, Barcelona
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Real Madrid get 90 per cent of decisions in their favour, with the remaining ten going to Barcelona, as per former La Liga referee Eduardo Gonzalez.

The El Clasico between Real Madrid and Barcelona is easily one of the biggest fixtures in football. The biggest rivalry too.

With both sides boasting the best of players globally in recent years, millions of viewers worldwide always tune in to see who ends up victorious.

Both sides have had their fair share of wins, but what if Real Madrid have been getting some upper-hand?

This is according to Eduardo Gonzalez who was a former La Liga referee and officiated over 300 games before he retired in 2012.

He suggests that due to many people in the country growing up as Madrid fans, that is mirrored in the number of referees who lean towards the Los Blancos.

“Around 90% go with Madrid and 10% with Barcelona,” he told Cadena Ser via ESPN. “Whether Barca [fans] like it or not, 70% of the Spanish population, excluding Catalonia, are Real Madrid supporters.

“There are more Barca fans these days because the younger generation has seen the trophies they won under [Pep] Guardiola. But before the ‘Lionel Messi era,’ how many people supported Madrid in Spain? About 70%?”

Eduardo also added that he supports Athletic Bilbao but tried to always remain fair in his rulings.

“Personally, I don’t care about one or the other. I’m Athletic [Bilbao]. Everyone knows that I am Athletic, but I would go against them to try and be fair.”

Asides the battle on the pitch, the rivalry between Real Madrid and Barcelona has kept us entertained even off it.