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A day in the life of Cristiano Ronaldo

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Its not just football and workout, eating and sleeping are key to Cristiano Ronaldo’s daily routine.

Despite the conspiracy theories and rumors, Cristiano Ronaldo is not a machine or a robot.

However, he is an amazing specimen of athletic perfection.

Obviously being at the training ground and playing football is a staple part of Ronaldo’s diet of life.

He is an avid workout fanatic, who when not playing or training and is not with his family can more often than not be found in the gym.

All crucial to what makes him so amazing.

However, it’s not all work for CR7.

A key part of his success is his lifestyle, in particular, his diet and rest.

The Portuguese superstar enjoys eating six times a day.

According to AS, he has some rather interesting meals on his menu.

“For breakfast, one option Cristiano favors is ham and cheese, accompanied by a low-fat yogurt.”

“When it comes to snack time, a bite to eat particularly enjoyed by the former Manchester United and Real Madrid star is avocado toast.”

“Lunch number one might consist of chicken and salad, while lunch number two could be fish, such as tuna, with salad, eggs, and olives.”

” For dinner, he tends to have meat or fish, sometimes also dividing his evening meal into two separate sittings.”

Then there is his resting schedule.

They continued:

Cristiano likes to sleep eight hours a night and have several naps a day: at times even five.”

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