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A Griezmann solo goal keeps Atletico alive in La Liga

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With a solitary goal from Antoine Griezmann, Atletico Madrid went to Vallecas to defeat Rayo and stay alive in La Liga vs Real Madrid and Barcelona.

The fight for La Liga is already a three-horse race thanks to Atletico Madrid’s resilience to keep fighting to win this competition, today was a day in which it would’ve been easy to lose at Rayo Vallecano but Diego Simeone’s boys remained hungry.

This Saturday was a great day to remind both Real Madrid and FC Barcelona that not only they are competitive enough to win the competition, but they also can’t get too distracted because Atletico Madrid is still right there behind them.

Today was the day in which Diego Costa returned to action after a long period of recovering from a metatarsal injury, he came in during the final 30 minutes of the match and replaced Vitolo to prove the world that he can play alongside Morata and Griezmann without a problem.

The Brazilian player gave the Colchoneros a very different offensive prowess that they maybe didn’t have during the first hour of the match in Vallecas, Rayo always makes things very difficult for any squad that visits them regardless of who they are.

Rayo Vallecano kept creating the most chances during the first half against Atletico Madrid, Diego Simeone’s squad still plays football in the highly defensive way that they know and that’s what works for them better.

People who keep criticizing the Argentine manager for not using his offensive players to their full capacity are clearly not aware that each manager has his own style, the one he responds better too and the one that resonates with them the most.

Even though Atletico Madrid has some of the best-attacking players in the world right now, asking them to create offensive football when their manager simply refuses to produce it at this point doesn’t really matter and the Atletico Madrid fans should be used to this manager who prefers the result above anything else.

Simeone kept the same script from any game in this one against Rayo, they never gave up their position on the pitch and allowed the local squad to keep the ball for the better part of the game with the hope of getting a single opportunity that would give them the advantage they needed.

The key moment of the match didn’t come until the final 20 minutes through French forward Antoine Griezmann, he took advantage of an Alvaro Morata flaky pass inside the box and somehow managed to strike the ball in what seemed like a very uncomfortable position.

The problem here is that this goal was very controversial due to a clear offside that the ref didn’t call on Morata, this was the play that decided the match after Griezmann’s goal and VAR didn’t come in to save the day as it should’ve.

The mistakes that this system makes in La Liga are too great to ignore, it is evident that the referees in Spanish football are being told to not even go through these plays that can change the outcome of a game and president Javier Tebas is the one to blame for this because he is the one who calls the shots in La Liga.

Atletico Madrid was saved by the lack of transparency from the referees, because they wouldn’t have won against Rayo Vallecano today if VAR would’ve been used properly as it has been in the Champions League last week.

Credit to Griezmann for the goal but VAR deserves even more credit for shinning in its absence.

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