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“A return to Real Madrid would be risky for Ronaldo”

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Due to all the rumors about his future, someone is convinced that Ronaldo returning to Real Madrid is not such a brilliant idea. 

Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Real Madrid has been one of the main topics of 2021, but someone doesn’t think it’s such a good idea. Rivaldo recently wrote a column on Betfair where he reveals the reason he doesn’t trust Ronaldo will deliver if he returns. Age does play a factor in this but there is also the possible chance of not living up to the standards.

Although he has doubts about the possible return, Rivaldo does agree that La Liga would benefit from this event. After Cristiano left, there was an evident dip in form throughout the Spanish championship. Also, Leo Messi suddenly didn’t seem as inspired as he was in previous years when Ronaldo was around. Watching these two legends retire at the most important clubs in the world would be a dream come true for all football enthusiasts. It doesn’t take a scientist to identify the reasons Cristiano’s comeback would be a slam dunk. 

Rivaldo explains his theory about Ronaldo. 

This is what Rivaldo wrote on Betfair: “There’s a lot of talk about Cristiano Ronaldo leaving Juventus at the end of the season after the Italian giants were knocked out of the Champions League, with a return to Madrid mooted in the press. For me, this will always depend on Cristiano and his plans for the future. He is a Madrid idol and I believe that Madrid fans would be very happy to have him back. But we must recognize that Ronaldo isn’t the same player from three seasons ago. He will continue to score many goals and make the difference proving his great determination on the pitch. But if he goes back there’s the risk that Madrid fans will demand too much from him at this phase of his career.

“If things didn’t go well, and the club failed to have success with him in their ranks, his status could suffer. So a return to Spain comes with risks. All of that said, it would be fantastic to reunite Lionel Messi and Ronaldo in La Liga for a few more seasons. Watching Barcelona vs Real Madrid with both on the pitch would be very emotional not only for clubs’ fans but also for the football fans all over the world. Spanish football would recover some of its status, eclipsing English, German and Italian competitions.”