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A Spurs fan wanted to change his name to Tottenham

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David Lind from Sweden wanted to change his name to the name of his favorite football club but was denied by authorities.

A 39-year-old Tottenham Hotspur supporter from Sweden wanted to change his name.

He is a Spurs lover and he wanted to be named after his favorite team in the whole world: Tottenham.

But David Lind’s name change was denied by the Swedish authorities.

“This is very sad,” the 39-year-old was quoted by Give Me Sport.

“It looks as if you can be called pretty much everything in Sweden but not Tottenham.”

“It is not any more natural to be called Newcastle, Arsenal, Liverpool or Guiseley,” he added.

“There are a lot of people with strange names in Sweden. There is even someone called Potato. Maybe someone at Skatteverket is an Arsenal fan?”

“If someone is called Arsenal in Sweden they probably got that through before 2017,” Skatteverket spokesperson Hajrudin Alijagic

“In the law from 1982 you could be called pretty much anything and there are around 60 people in Sweden called ‘Bajen’ [the nickname for the Swedish club Hammarby].”

“When we are faced with an application for a name we are not sure about we consult another institution and they ruled that Tottenham was not constructed in a way that was appropriate for a name in Sweden,” he concluded.