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A timeline of Neymar’s love-hate relationship with PSG

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We need to talk about the love-hate relationship between Neymar and PSG, we’ll talk about a timeline of the events between the two of them.

Neymar has a very interesting love-hate relationship with PSG, the two started creating a bond back in the spring of 2017.

During that time, the Brazilian player was part of the most prolific attacking trio in football history with Messi and Suarez.

They won the treble two years prior to that year, Neymar made an unforgettable impact in the Paris Saint-Germain board.

But the biggest mark the Brazilian left was among the PSG fans, this happened on the same year that FC Barcelona eliminated the French squad during the Champions League knock-out stage.

With a 4-0 initial result in the first leg of the competition, it appeared that the Ligue 1 squad had the next-round ticket in their pocket.

However, they didn’t imagine what was coming next from Neymar. The Brazilian player handled a historic comeback in which he scored a free-kick, a penalty, and he provided the assist that gave his team the victory.

Even he remembers this might with fondness, he couldn’t have wished a more memorable night for his career.

This is the same night in which Nasser Al-Khelaifi somehow knew that Neymar had to play at PSG, he began preparations to make that €222 million offer immediately.

The elevated exit clause that Barcelona placed on his transfer was nothing to a club that is managed by a state, they would prove to the world that money was never an issue for them.

Neymar shocks the world.

Nobody expected anything about Neymar during that summer, the news almost seemed like a joke for almost everybody.

But FC Barcelona knew that if the player decided to leave, there was nothing they could do to stop him.

Inside his mind, Neymar was already convinced that reaching Messi and Ronaldo’s level at a club like PSG was very possible, he couldn’t be further from the truth.

The subsequent years were a demonstration of a player who made the worst decision in his professional career, and the chaotic manner in which he came to terms with it.

PSG really enjoyed the very first months of Neymar’s incredible talent, he kept delivering amazing numbers in Ligue 1 but he remained the same in the Champions League when he played alone.

Not having a player like Messi in this competition proved to be a heavy burden, PSG still believed in Neymar but he started doubting himself.

Very early during his days in France, there were already signs of a player who started having a diva-like attitude towards everybody else.

He soon began having disagreements with everybody, but things were about to get a lot worse for him and the club.

Neymar’s first year ended with that terrible metatarsal injury, and he even nearly missed the World Cup.


Bad luck and a relationship breakdown for Neymar and PSG.

Even though PSG still had Kylian Mbappe to rely on, they also needed to have the best Neymar around.

The problem was that this player lost most of his confidence between his injury and the terrible World Cup experience he had.

In a matter of days, the Brazil international went from being considered one of the best players in the world to becoming a waling meme.

Only his full recovery and going back to the pitch for PSG could cure that, he hoped this could happen as soon as the 2018-19 season started.

But another similar injury came at the start of 2019, and this is where the relationship between player and club completely crumbled down.

Nothing would ever be the same from that moment forward, Neymar knew that his mistake needed correction and the only solution was to leave.

The progression from being considered the club’s absolute star to losing his status against Kylian Mbappe was quite interesting to watch from our perspective.

PSG can’t stand Neymar anymore, they know that he needs to leave and they are doing their best to recover most of the investment they made.

Nasser knows he can’t keep the player on the bench as he did with Rabiot, Neymar is a big active who needs to have participation or change his scenery.

There is no turning back for the player and his current club, his next destination is Spain.


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