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A viral Real Madrid video features Ronaldo’s authority

Ronaldo, Real Madrid
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A Twitter post takes us back in time to show Cristiano Ronaldo’s leadership qualities when he played for Real Madrid.

Portugal played France in the final of UEFA Euro 2016 which was held in France.

Ronaldo was substituted only in 25 minutes after the start of the game due to injury, but this injury did not stop him from cheering his team to win the cup.

“He gave me this strength, this energy and it was vital”, said Eder, according to FIFA’s website. Eder was the only goalscorer of the game and scored in the second half of the extra time and believed in the leadership of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Juventus icon Antonio Cabrini provided his opinion on the Ronaldo vs Messi dispute and feels that Ronaldo has greater leadership qualities than Messi, as per Goal in 2019.

Cabrini further stated, “Ronaldo has proven himself to be a real leader on a lot of occasions and not just on the pitch. He is a leader in his life as well as in sports.”

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The Euro 2016 story indicated that Cristiano Ronaldo has exceptional authority over his teammates. A latest video on Twitter emphasizes Ronaldo’s leadership qualities even more.

A recent post on twitter by @Jay_RMA exhibits remarkable support shown by Ronaldo during his time at Real Madrid, to former teammate Karim Benzema.

First clip shows Ronaldo communicating with the fans for booing Benzema for missing an opportunity to score.

Another clip shows Cristiano telling the Madristas to cheer for Benzema for his assist.

Gareth Bale was taken down in the penalty box in the same match, and Ronaldo asked Benzema to take the penalty kick while he had the chance to score a hat-trick.

The world of football has repeatedly questioned Cristiano Ronaldo for being self-obsessed and not making any sacrifices, but this video displays the exact opposite.