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AAIB responds to Sala’s family request to recover the plane’s wreckage

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The Air Accidents Investigation Branch says they already explained their decision not to recover the plane’s wreckage to Sala’s family and the pilot’s.

Today the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) has explained that Emiliano Sala and pilot David Ibbotson were exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide when they crashed into the English Channel back in January.

And after Sala’s family asked the AAIB to recover the plane’s wreckage, the organization responded quickly.

“The reasons for our decision not to recover the aircraft wreckage have been explained in detail to both families concerned,” the organization said in a statement,” they said according to Goal.

“In February our underwater search operation successfully located the wreckage recovered the passenger’s body and captured substantial video evidence from the scene using a remotely operated vehicle. It was not possible at the time to recover the wreckage.”

“We have carefully considered the feasibility and merits of returning to attempt to recover the wreckage,” they said.

“In this case, we consider that it will not add significantly to the investigation and we will identify the correct safety issues through other means.”

“In making our decision, we took into account the high cost of underwater recovery, the evidence we collected in February and the risk that, after a violent impact with the sea, the wreckage would not yield definitive evidence,” the AAIB concluded.