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Abidal believes Griezmann “has potential for the big games”

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The Barcelona technical secretary knows the Frenchman will be a very important piece in the Blaugrana squad.

Antoine Griezmann is yet to play his first march with Barcelona and he’s already the highlight of the season.

According to Blaugrana technical secretary, Eric Abidal, the Frenchman can be of big help during the moments Barca needs him the most.

President Bartomeu contacted Atlético de Madrid to know the conditions of Griezmann’s contract and to inform them that if there were no possible negotiations, Barça would pay the release clause, which was 120 million euros in March and 120 million in June,” Abidal told Sport.

“Atlético defends their interests and us, the ones for Barça.”

He explained how the negotiations went: “With a prior agreement with the player, we contacted his entourage, including his lawyer after Griezmann announced his desire to leave his former club.”

“To begin with his talent, we already know him, he has experience because he has won many titles, he was a very important player in Atlético de Madrid,” Abidal continued.

“He has shown for many years that he is capable of playing several positions, he is able to combine the long game, the short game.”

“He anticipates the punches very well and, above all, he remains a great scorer and Barça must have profiles like this,” the technical secretary said about Griezmann.

“We need six offensive players, with Griezmann we are six. After that, the coach will make the decisions.”

And what happened to Adrien Rabiot? Abidal explains: “He was on our list and it was his choice to have signed with Juventus of Turin.”

“I do not know the reasons, it may be a sport or financial option, I do not know.”