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AC Milan director vows to get back to the top

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According to AC Milan director Zvonimir Boba, “it will take time, with logical choices rather than fireworks, but we will get back to the top.”

Zvonimir Boban quit his job with FIFA to join AC Milan this season, as the team wants to get back to the top of the Italian Lega Serie A.

“It’ll take time, with logical choices rather than the pointless fireworks we saw in recent years, but we will get back to the top,” his words were echoed by Football Italia.

“I don’t want to keep a low profile to be mistaken for a lack of ambition. The new owners (Elliott Management) have brought stability and the objective – otherwise Paolo and I wouldn’t be here – is to be a real Milan, a Milan that can be a protagonist again, winning with attacking football and character.”

“Even during a period of reconstruction and on the path to where we want to be, the team must still honor the great Rossoneri jersey,” he added.

“We are doing the best we can considering the various problems. It will take time and we are trying to rush through some necessary steps.”

Boban: “Besides, big names are not necessarily the best players for the job. For example, who knew of Ricky Kaka when he first arrived? I am convinced that at the end of the day, the fans will be happy with our choices.”

“Financial Fair Play has been good for football, but UEFA must realize that it needs to be adapted and refined to fit the situation.”

“Our intention is to keep Gianluigi Donnarumma, Suso and Franck Kessie, absolutely,” he commented.

“We will not lean on the desire of the player to join us in order to cause trouble. Milan is a fair and elegant club, we don’t do that.”