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AC Milan legend Shevchenko’s son could play for England

andriy schevchenko, Ac milan
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Kristian Shevchenko, son of AC Milan legend and former Chelsea player Andriy could play for the Three Lions.

Andriy Schevchenko’s second son Kristian is eligible to play international football with England.

Shevchenko senior is a legend of AC Milan, and thirteen years ago made the ill-fated move to Chelsea. It was a shock 30 million pound transfer, but the player struggled to find the form that made him so formidable elsewhere.

He spent three years at Stamford Bridge, making just 77 appearances and scoring 22 goals.

However, while at Chelsea, he had a son, Kristian. Shevchenko and his family stayed n London after his time at Chelsea was up.

In an interview reported by the Daily Mail, Shevchenko talks about how he has no regrets about the move and the opportunity it has created for his family.

He said:

“In no way. I’m not even going to discuss that. I do not tidy up the past. Everything is as it should have happened, so it happened.”

“I have been living in London for the past 13 years. My family is there, it’s convenient there, plus I wanted my children to go to school there.”

The retired Ukraine international also revealed that his son is at the Chelsea Football academy.

He continued:

“My second son is training at Chelsea Academy.”

“This is a very good school, which brought up more than a dozen players of excellent level.”

Although there is still plenty of time to make such decisions, young Kristian will have some choices when it comes to playing international football.

The obvious choice would be to follow in his father’s footsteps and play for Ukraine.

However, through his mother Kristen Pazik, he can also represent Poland or the USA. Due to the boy’s residence and birthplace, there is also a fourth choice, England.

While Andriy Schevchenko was not giving much away, he confirmed that Kristian will have the luxury of such a choice.

He added:

‘I would like to face such a choice. I’d love to. If there is to be such a choice, then we will talk,’ he added.