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Achieving fitness Ronaldo style: 7 steps to getting those ripped muscles

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It was a few days before his grand entrance at Old Trafford. People saw a skinny, gangly teenager running on the field. The game was just about to change and fans had just gotten their first glimpse of the future football superstar.

It’s been 17 years since that day and the skinny teenager named Cristiano Ronaldo turned into one of the fittest men alive. On his 30th birthday, he turned fitness guru as well while modelling himself for the spring/summer underwear range from his CR7 collection. It was enough to capture the attention of males and females alike. With a market value of 5 billion dollars, Ronaldo is a 5-time Ballon d’Or award winner and one of the top sportsmen in the world. The Juventus forward is known not just for his epic play but also for his fit and healthy body. Given below are 7 of the most important tips you need to flex your muscles and get fit, Ronaldo style.


First and foremost, just as important as it is to train one’s own body, it’s also equally important to keep the mind in shape. In the words of Ronaldo himself, ‘Mental strength is just as important as physical strength’. This is thus one of the most important pre-requisites of anyone aspiring to keep themselves fit. In order to train the mind, it is necessary to make a ‘blueprint’, a set of goals to help one focus and to serve as a guiding light. Making a goal is not just important in football, it is just as important to make and maintain certain goals in life and while exercising as it helps maintain focus and gives direction.


Another very important factor is discipline. Just jotting down goals is not sufficient to achieve it. Draw out a routine and stick to that routine until it becomes a habit. Discipline brings structure and stability in one’s life without which it is almost impossible to achieve anything substantial.


Closely related to discipline is getting proper sleep. Sleeping is one of the most under-rated activities in the fast paced world today. On one side is the whole gaming and ‘binge watching’ culture where people sit up late at night or playing games completely oblivious to their bodies’ needs to take a break and get some rest. Then we have the working people who put in extra hours at work sacrificing precious sleep in return. This habit of compromising on sleep is extremely unhealthy. As is popularly known, the muscles of the body do their repair work when one sleeps. So lack of sleep and a lot of exercise is just going to tire your body out. In addition to that getting proper sleep helps in reserving energy that is required for other basic functions like blood circulation and breathing. So get adequate sleep if you want those muscles and more importantly for a long, healthy life!

A balanced diet 

Next, maintain a good diet. Remember when we were little children and we learnt about a balanced diet? Let’s recollect. It is following a diet that contains a variety of foods in certain proportions so that the body’s requirement for calories, proteins, minerals, vitamins and alternative nutrients is met. Along with that, it is also important to eat in regular intervals so that the energy levels in the body are maintained. In fact Ronaldo eats about six small meals a day, one every three to four hours. So eat healthy and regularly and say goodbye to junk food and sugar. It’s going to be hard but everything good comes with a tiny bit of sacrifice doesn’t it?

Stay hydrated

Another necessary requirement to stay fit is to stay hydrated. The average human being requires from about 15.5L (males) to 11.5L (females) of water intake in a day. Drinking water helps in maintaining the required amount of bodily fluids that is needed for important functions like digestion, blood circulation, absorption, transportation of nutrients and so on. Therefore, absolute care should be taken especially in the fitness journey to remain hydrated so as to keep the body running.

The right way to exercise

Now as far as the physical training is concerned, a proper warm up before exercising is critical to attaining fitness.  A warm up generally consists of a gradual increase in the intensity of the exercise and involves joint mobility and stretching so as to enhance the quality of the main exercise. Also, while exercising, it is advisable to do a mix of different exercises targeting different parts of the body for maximum benefits. Cardio exercises especially are necessary to build up increased endurance and stamina. Exercises boost your body’s testosterone levels and those that have difficulty in getting their levels up can check out Testogen testosterone booster.

One of the ways in which Ronaldo has built himself to be a supreme athlete is by doing a lot of running. In fact, on an average he runs over 8 kilometers in a football match. As a fit person, running should come naturally to you but if you feel you’re not up for it, you can read more on ways to build up your stamina.

Take time out to relax

All said and done apart from all the training of body and mind, it is also extremely important to set apart time and relax. Your body also needs its ‘time-out’ times. Listen to some music, groove to those beats, go out for a picnic or just hang out at your favourite spot with your family and friends. Ultimately it is bound to make you feel better and motivate you further in the journey towards getting as fit as Cristiano Ronaldo.

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