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Adams says Pulisic is a role model for young Americans

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The RB Leipzig footballer is proud of Chelsea’s recent signing, as he says he represents the United States very well.

American footballer Christian Pulisic has left German Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund.

He will now join Chelsea in the English Premier League.

But meanwhile, he’s set to represent the United States in the 2019 Gold Cup to be played at home.

And all of this comes when he’s just 20-years-old, something USMNT teammate Tyler Adams believes is a great inspiration for young Americans.

“Christian being here the longest, I’ve had good conversations with him about what it’s like and what you’ll endure here and whatnot and you know, the same with Weston,” Adams was quoted by the Bundesliga official website.

“These guys have been tremendous friends to me and support guys for me and talking to them constantly – being on the same time schedule as them – you can always reach out to them, which has been good.”

“[Pulisic’s] confidence in his own abilities, to come here and be successful, to live on his own at such a young age, learn a new language, it’s the same as we’re all doing, just at a later age,” he said.

“He’s a role model for a lot of young Americans.”

“Obviously our aim is to win the Gold Cup,” he commented.

“We won the last one so to be back-to-back champions would be amazing.”