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Adel Taarabt opens up about his failures and talks about Modric

Taarabt, Benfica
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Former Tottenham and QPR winger, Adel Taarabt saw his English career fall down the cliff.

Adel Taarabt stays in memory as one of the most talented dribblers of his generation.

The 30-year-old is playing through his footballing rebirth. He noted three assists in three starts for Benfica this season.

Story of Adel Taarabt is a story of an endless talent wasted in a spectacular fashion.

Nowadays, Taarabt realizes mistakes in his youth and tries to make the best out of himself in Portugal.

Taarabt’s best days were probably in the second English division with QPR. After the team got their promotion, Taarabt’s performances fell off, which prompted loans to Fulham and Milan.

In an interview with FourFourTwo, Taarabt said:

“I don’t like to say this about myself, but I think if you talked to everyone who saw me when I was a young talent, many would have said I’d play for Real Madrid or Barcelona one day. Even Luka Modric said that to me once.”

However, Taarabt understands that he’s the only one to blame for his failures:

“But it didn’t happen. Not only because of others, but because of me.”

“Raheem Sterling texted me a few months ago. I was listening to an interview where he said I was his idol at QPR.

“These days it would be Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, but when he was a kid he watched me!”

Adel Taarabt could be a warning for any youth player. No matter how talented, without the hard work that comes with the talent, there’s a little chance of success at the highest level.

Taarabt managed to resurge his career, but we can’t help but wonder what could’ve been. His story is similar to the one of Mario Balotelli, who is currently playing for Serie A side, Brescia.