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Adidas make a mess of Russia’s new kit

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Adidas has made a mess of Russia’s new kit, after inverting the colors on the country’s flag.

The Russian Football Federation is none too pleased with the mistake and have confirmed that the team will play in the old kit.

The Russians have upcoming Eurto 2020 Group I qualifiers, and they will have to wear their old kit following the German sporting giants mess.

The strip was unveiled last week and has gone on sale, the Russian Football Federation conducted an elaborate launch, but the mistake wasn’t spotted until later.

The Russian is none too happy, and have apparently recalled all the shirts.

There have been conspiracy theories of political propaganda.

Some have said the flag is deliberately printed upside down.

While others believe the Serbian flag is being used in error.

Adidas and Russia are in line for a big fall out soon if this is not rectified.

Let’s hope the kit man hasn’t gone ahead and thrown out the old shirts in anticipation of the new ones.