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Adrian hails Liverpool’s defenders: “they defend like animals”

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According to the Reds goalkeeper, Adrian, his teammates at the lower part of the field are just furious beasts who don’t let anybody come through.

Goalkeeper Adrian is impressed at how well the Liverpool defenders play in the English Premier League.

And he has called them “animals” in the sense that they are just too powerful.

“It’s really easy to play with them in front of you because they were the best defenders in the Premier League [in 2018-19] and we have one of the best defenders in the world,” he stated according to Goal.

“I think, for me as a goalkeeper, they make easy decisions. Honestly, they defend everything like animals! They help me a lot.”

“I played against them [the forwards] many times, so now I play with them and I’m enjoying how they play from behind,” he said.

“I’m really happy for them because they are doing really well, they have a great connection between them. They are good players individually, but they are good friends in the dressing room also and you can see that feeling on the pitch.”

“I Alisson him he was a great part [in Liverpool] being in the final,” he added.

“And that he was unlucky with the injury, but we’re going to fight for it and we’re going to get it, for sure.”