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After almost 3 years Ajax’s ‘Appie’ Nouri makes huge recovery progress

Abdelhak Nouri, Ajax
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Abdelhak ‘Appie’ Nouri collapsed during a game for Ajax against Werder Bremen back in 2017, with talk of major brain damage today he is communicating.

It was summer 2017, July 8th to be exact and Dutch giants Ajax were playing German side Werder Bremen.

Suddenly 19-year-old Abdelhak ‘Appie’ Nouri collapsed to the ground. Things did not look good. Paramedics were rushed to the field, as the player was unresponsive.

It later transpired he had suffered a cardiac arrhythmia attack. The result of the episode was young midfielder ended up in a coma.

After doctors gave his family and friends little to no hope of any kind of recovery, he is now not only out of the coma but appears to be making progress.

Speaking to Dutch outlet AD, his brother has revealed that he has miraculously woken from the coma and is now doing the impossible.

While he is still very dependant on others, he is eating, moving and communicating.

 Brother Abderrahim said:

“Appie is doing well.”

“He is at home in a house built especially for him and is no longer in a coma.”

“He sleeps, eats, frowns and burps but is very dependent.”

“A certain form of communication is possible, for example in the form of raising eyebrows.”

“But that is the top sport for him.”

“He also says that his family watches football together with Appie at home and that he sometimes reacts to it.”