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Aguero reveals what Messi told teammates after their defeat against Brazil

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The Barcelona footballer was angry after his team was kicked out of the 2019 Copa America, and he exploded in front of the media.

After Brazil defeated Argentina 2-0 in the Copa America Semifinal, Lionel Messi talked to reporters and exploded.

He didn’t like the work of referee Roddy Zambrano, and he was angry after losing a game he says the Albiceleste shouldn’t have lost.

And today, Sergio Aguero revealed what Messi told teammates when he got into the locker room.

“Leo spoke in the dressing room, it is clear what he said, they are the future of the national team and the future for the next competition that will be in Argentina and Colombia,” Aguero was quoted by Sport.

“It will serve young people with experience and we already have experience in this, the only thing we can say to young people is to raise their heads, keep trying, and if we are still there, we will support them.”

Argentina has yet to win anything at a senior level since Messi has been playing in the team.