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Albertini says Milan has to learn from Juventus

Demetrio Albertini
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According to the former Rossoneri midfielder, Demetrio Albertini, the team needs to start “from scratch, scrapping everything they built the year before.”

Former Italian midfielder Demetrio Albertini played for AC Milan from 1988 to 2002.

And he loved all the time he spent at the club.

This is why he’s not happy to see the Rossoneri suffering right now and hopes they can learn from rivals Juventus.

“It’s always difficult to judge from the outside, but the moment you hire someone like Giampaolo and are targeting a certain type of football, you know it’s going to take some time,” he was quoted by Football Italia.

“Quite frankly, seven games isn’t enough to think you can see that work pay off. Perhaps Milan found themselves in a situation they weren’t expecting and preferred to change early on.”

The former player explained: “Evidently, problems emerged that had not been taken into account. It’s a defeat for everyone when a coach is dismissed.”

“Pioli has experience in dealing with negative moments.”

“I just hope the team can quickly understand what the new coach can give because the real problem for Milan now is how far they are off the important areas of the table,” he continued.

“Everyone knows how much they care about Milan, but then we’ll have to see what the results say. The real problem at Milan is that every year they start from scratch and completely scrap everything they built the year before.”