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Alcacer only feels gratitude towards FC Barcelona

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Now that he is living the life at Borussia Dortmund, Paco Alcacer revealed that he has no hard feelings against anyone at FC Barcelona when he left.

The life of Paco Alcacer at FC Barcelona was arguably one of the most difficult moments he had to endure during his career, this is a player who started at Valencia as one of the most promising strikers in Spain and then started to wither away with the Catalan club.

A problem that several forwards tend to have in the Catalan club when they arrive because of Lionel Messi’s presence in the squad, Alcacer was one of those unfortunate souls who didn’t live up to the high standards and eventually had to leave the club.

The destination he chose was German club Borussia Dortmund, the striker even started the season on the bench but he quickly started making a name for himself and surprising the whole world with his world-class quality as a finisher.

Now after half a season at the Bundesliga, there is nobody who can deny that Paco Alcacer is arguably amongst the best players in German football today.

The Spaniard stands as the top scorer of the competition with 12, he has the same number of goals that Serbian Luka Jovic has from Eintracht Frankfurt.

But if Paco Alcacer is this good, then what happened at Barcelona?

Now that the Bundesliga is on holiday, Alcacer is actually visiting the country and he offered an interview to Mundo Deportivo where he spoke about his great moment in the Bundesliga and what happened at Barcelona.

Contrary to many players who could’ve remained bitter for not being able to succeed at Barça, Alcacer is actually not even mad at what happened.

Everything that took place in the Catalan club is something that he accepted, he doesn’t mind that the manager wasn’t able to give him the minutes he wanted and he even looks at the whole experience as a perfect lesson that has helped him develop his personality in order to become the player he is today.

The numbers that Alcacer has don’t lie, as he has started in 8 out of the 12 matches he’s played so far and he still is the top scorer of the competition with one goal per match scored with his club.

The Spaniard needed those eight matches to earn his spot in the starting eleven, he suffered an unfortunate injury that will keep him out of competition for a couple of games in 2019 but there is no doubt he will return stronger than ever.

Borussia Dortmund is currently in first place of the Bundesliga with 42 points, which is six units above second-placed Bayern München.

“I can only thank Barça for trusting me but I also know that one likes to feel wanted at his club and I needed to search for the ideal place for me,” said Alcacer during the interview.

“Everything was very positive on a personal level, even when I didn’t play but it’s clear that you always want to play and being able to do it in Germany was the best possible way out of the situation.”

“I always tried to improve every single day, I always looked at what my teammates were doing right and even more being at Barça with such top players.”

“We were always available for practice and matches, but the decision is not in our hands because we have a person who makes the decisions.”

“The manager is the one who decides. Nobody disappointed me at Barça. I always try that the things people do for me or with me are worth it.”

“My time at Barcelona was completely worth it, just as my time at Valencia was also worth it.”

“I played almost all the matches at Valencia, I didn’t play as much at Barça but that was completely out of my hands.”

“I stay in touch with the players via messages but that’s it, I did come to Germany very quickly and I wasn’t able to say goodbye as I wanted.”

“I always had a great relationship with my teammates and I have to thank them for sharing those two years with me,” he concluded.

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