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Alex Bergantinos calm after leaked controversial tape

Alex Bergantinos
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Deprotivo la Coruna were in hot water following their trip to Fuenlabrada when several first-team members were reported to be coronavirus positive. 

Javier Tebas stood by his decision to give the go-ahead for the fixture but the storm has not boiled over. 

The controversy got more convoluted as leaked tapes of Deprotivo la Coruna captain Alex Bergantinos surfaced. The locker room talk was based on the said fixture. 

Bergantinos is unfazed by the leak and the controversial conversations he was having with his teammates. However, he feels the backstabbing by those around him.

“They are locker room conversations that should not have been released but I am totally calm,” the Deportivo captain told Marca

“My conscience is clear and, if anything, I am hurt by the fact that colleagues with whom I’ve spent the year use this to try to find… I don’t know, things that they could harm me or the club, but that’s what happened and I have no problem explaining everything that happened.”

Bergantinos also questioned why Deportivo have been made to wait for their final fixture of the season. 

The midfielder called it a ‘farce’ that they are being made to wait for a single fixture. He added that the fixture should have been played at its designated time long time ago.

“The squad has been going through boredom and weariness for two weeks. ‘Farce’ is the way to summarise it, what we were experiencing without knowing what was happening with the game.”