Alex Scott opens up on sexist abuse he received in social media

The former England women’s national team captain has worked this season as a football analyst while receiving a lot of sexist remarks on social media.

One could say that if you give the best years of your life to your national team, you could get a lot of respect from fans.

But while 34-year-old Alex Scott was England women’s national team captain, she received a lot of praise.

And now she’s a football analyst for Sky Sports and has received a lot of sexist remarks.

“It’s actually been really hard because it’s like, on one hand, I’ve transitioned to this job and I feel so lucky and it’s amazing to be doing what I’m doing,” she told The 42.

“You know me, Dan, I tried to stay positive through the World Cup and all through this season.”

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“But then, on the other hand, it has been really hard, because of all the abuse and everything I’ve got. I’ve tried to dodge it all this season, to get to the end of the season,” he added.

“And I’m sitting here and I’m like: ‘wow actually, we’ve come to the end of the season and what I’ve had to put up with’ — I shouldn’t have to go through that.”

“Like I said I’m in this situation, I’ve worked with you now for the last two years [since] I was still a professional, to make sure I was here and that I deserve to be here. It’s not that I’m here ticking a box,” she continued.

“I don’t get the abuse from my colleagues who I’m working with. I feel respected in this environment, but it’s from the other side where people are not in this environment. It has, it’s been really hard to deal with.”

“I got asked the question this week [about receiving abuse online] and actually then I spoke up about it, to show the negative side. What I’ve gone through this season, hopefully, it makes it easier for the next lot coming through,” Scott concluded.


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