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Alex Song reveals he didn’t give a f*** about joining Barcelona

Alex Song
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Alex Song has revealed he didn’t think twice about leaving Arsenal for Barcelona and was only motivated by one thing – the money he would earn.

Many players join Barcelona to win trophies and play alongside some of the world’s best players but for Song those things didn’t matter.

The Cameroon international made a  £15million swoop from Arsenal to join Barcelona in the summer of 2012.

Prior to that move, Song spent a seven-year spell in total with the Gunners. Being a fan favourite at the Emirates plus being used to life in London, one would expect leaving to be a difficult choice to make.

But Song has said it wasn’t anything close and the prospect of becoming a millionaire made it a no-brainer. Even if it meant he won’t play much games.

“I met Barca’s sporting director, and he told me I would not get to play many games,” Song said in an Instagram live chat with NBA player and compatriot Pascal Siakam of the Toronto Raptors.

“But I didn’t give a f***. I knew that now I would become a millionaire. When Barcelona offered me a contract, and I saw how much I would earn, I didn’t think twice’ 

“I always say, a young man of 20 who drives a Ferrari is poor, because at 20 you haven’t done anything yet. But a man of 50 who drives in a Bentley, is a man to respect.”

Thierry Henry was an inspiration for many Arsenal players over the years but his car might have fueled Song and his passion for big bucks.

“When I arrived at Arsenal… I arrived at training then I saw the king arrived (Thierry Henry) with a car but damn, the car was a jewel and therefore I told myself that I needed the same car whatever the cost,” Song continued. 

“I swear that after two months I had my car returned, all my money was going to fuel and I told them give me a Toyota.”

“When I got to training, Titi asked me “but son where is the car”, I told him “big this car it’s not at my level!”

Still on the issue of finances, Song was among some players recently sacked by FC Sion for refusing to take pay-cuts.