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Alexander-Arnold insists Liverpool’s foundation is clean sheets

Trent Alexander-Arnold
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Trent Alexander-Arnold is adamant that despite Liverpool having one of the most attack minded defenses their priority is clean sheets.

Liverpool are having a phenominal season, leading the Premier Leagye by 22 points.

They have one of the meanest defences in the league, as well as one of the most potent attacks.

However, so much of thier offensive prowes comes from thier defenders.

Their lead attacking defender is Trent Alexander-Arnold, who is having a phenominal season working both ends of the field.

Speaking to Sky Sports he insist even with his game so strongly influenced by his attacking flair, the foundation is all about defending.

He said:

“It’s defending. It’s the foundation to any result. You get a clean sheet you can’t lose the game. That’s our mentality.”

“If we build the foundations with the defensive work and not conceding, we then have the attackers and the midfielders and even ourselves to go forward and create goals.”

“If we keep clean sheets we will win games.”