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Alexis’ penalty takes Chile to the semifinals vs Colombia

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In an uneventful 90 minutes of the third Copa America quarterfinal, Chile defeated Colombia in a dramatic penalty shootout thanks to Alexis.

The Chile National Team has proven one more time that they are enjoying their Golden Generation, they defeated Colombia on Friday from the spot.

Regardless of having a different manager in every Copa America, they have performed quite well over the last five years.

This generation of players led by Alexis Sanchez, Eduardo Vargas, Charles Aranguiz, and Arturo Vidal is close to another final.

Winning the Copa America for the third consecutive time would be a historic feat for this Chilean side, they’ve done it through competitive but defensive football.

We can easily state that Chile is one of the least exciting champions in South American football history, they lack the flair that other great champions had over the course of this tournament’s history.

But the people who remember the champions never remember how they got to lift the trophies, they only recall the number of times they did it.

Chile is a deserving champion of the last two Copa America titles, but we can easily tell you that they didn’t entertain more people than the ones from their own country.

There have been other exciting teams in these competitions that the rest of the world was rooting for, just like it happened last night.

The Colombian National Team is lucky that they are only going to wait one year in order to get another chance to fight for the Copa America.

Conmebol recently confirmed that the next country to organize this competition will be them, which is a great motivation for all the players.

This side coached by manager Carlos Queiroz was one of the most entertaining of the competition until now.

The Chilean side was able to prevent several moments that could’ve gotten them ahead in the scoreline, their defense was on point.

The second half gave us several moments in which Colombia appeared to get discouraged for Chile’s solid defensive line, which was quite evident during the final minutes.

Since the Copa America rules in the quarterfinals don’t allow extra time, we were in for another dramatic penalty shootout between these two squads.

Even though Chile held the fort for 90 minutes with defensive prowess, they still have to take all the credit for what they did today.

However, manager Carlos Queiroz made a terrible mistake by leaving Duvan Zapata out of Colombia’s starting eleven for the most important match of the competition.

The Atalanta striker came in until the final 13 minutes of the match, when things were at their peak of stress.

It was pretty obvious that Zapata wasn’t going to make a major difference in such little time, especially with the Chile squad as strong as they get in these moments of the game.

The last 10 minutes were very stressful for the Colombian side, even more so than for Chile.

‘La Roja’ is used to going all the way to the shootout, they have great experiences against other teams such as Argentina.

The shootout itself was nearly perfect for both sides, the final call came on the last two penalties.

Queiroz made the mistake of leaving the final shot to Tesillo, one that he miserably failed by sending wide.

Reinaldo Rueda didn’t make that mistake, as he gave Alexis the huge responsibility to take the fifth and winning shot.

The Manchester United forward didn’t hesitate nor did he fail, Chile are through to the semifinals after a dramatic night.

The current Copa America monarchs will face either Uruguay or Peru in the next stage of the competition for a ticket to the final.

We are all thinking about the possibility of having another final between Chile and Argentina, but both Uruguay and Brazil appear stronger in the competition so far.

However, the Chilean squad does have a great deal of experience in this stage of the competition, especially this brilliant generation of players.

Who will play the other semifinal against Chile, Uruguay or Peru? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.